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This webpage displays virtual airline routes on a map. To show your own network on a map you will need an airline in airlinesim. Why don't you try it out for yourself? Simply start up a new airline and become the CEO of your own airline. Participate with others, compete with large and small airlines for passengers and create the perfect network. Go and try now...

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Latest updates

  • Air Bleriot on Reality was updated on 23.10.2018 17:28:07 and has 153 flights to 48 destinations flying 48 city pairs
  • K9 Airways on Yeager was updated on 23.10.2018 17:25:45 and has 136 flights to 40 destinations flying 44 city pairs
  • Amaszonas Paraguay on Zeppelin was updated on 23.10.2018 17:25:44 and has 107 flights to 20 destinations flying 20 city pairs
  • Endeavour Airlines on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:11:48 and has 1474 flights to 75 destinations flying 125 city pairs
  • Xara Air on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:10:00 and has 6795 flights to 373 destinations flying 953 city pairs
  • Rajawali Qatar on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:09:12 and has 763 flights to 73 destinations flying 101 city pairs
  • Isa Sky Cargo on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:08:26 and has 2930 flights to 97 destinations flying 240 city pairs
  • Rajawali Cargo on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:07:41 and has 1739 flights to 130 destinations flying 235 city pairs
  • ITALIANA on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:06:58 and has 1566 flights to 155 destinations flying 205 city pairs
  • Minimalistic Airways on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:05:30 and has 9312 flights to 282 destinations flying 643 city pairs
  • Caribbean Island Airways on Aspern was updated on 23.10.2018 17:04:18 and has 106 flights to 18 destinations flying 18 city pairs
  • Shamiym International Airlines on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:04:05 and has 10692 flights to 730 destinations flying 1802 city pairs
  • American Air Sprinter International on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:03:11 and has 952 flights to 109 destinations flying 149 city pairs
  • WorldFly on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 17:00:04 and has 47 flights to 13 destinations flying 21 city pairs
  • Pride of Africa on Hoover was updated on 23.10.2018 16:59:54 and has 503 flights to 57 destinations flying 59 city pairs
  • Caiair on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 16:58:49 and has 41 flights to 6 destinations flying 6 city pairs
  • El Dorado Airways on Otto was updated on 23.10.2018 16:57:25 and has 63 flights to 12 destinations flying 12 city pairs
  • Baltica on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 16:56:58 and has 85 flights to 28 destinations flying 30 city pairs
  • aviar argentina on Riem was updated on 23.10.2018 16:55:43 and has 60 flights to 8 destinations flying 8 city pairs

News from aeroTELEGRAPH

London - Perth: Virgin Atlantic greift Qantas an
Qantas wird auf der Strecke London - Perth nicht lange alleine bleiben. Auch Virgin Atlantic will nonstop von Europa nach Australien fliegen.

Interview mit Thomas Limberger: «Privatair ist wieder in der Lage, für Lufthansa zu fliegen»
Warum Privatair vorübergehend nicht für Lufthansa fliegt, wie es der Fluglinie finanziell geht und wie sie ausgebaut werden soll, erklärt Aufsichtsratspräsident Thomas Limberger.

Österreichische Tochter: Laudamotion tritt weitere Basen an Ryanair ab
Basen werden geschlossen, andere an Ryanair übergeben. Bei Laudamotion tut sich gerade einiges - auch weil die Verluste hoch sind.

Airline-Bündnis: Qatar Airways droht erneut mit Oneworld-Austritt
Qatar Airways ist sauer auf American Airlines und Qantas. Deshalb überlegt sich die Golfairline, die Allianz Oneworld zu verlassen. Es ist nicht die erste Drohung dieser Art.

USA: Pilot landet Kleinflugzeug auf befahrener Autobahn
Inmitten fahrender Autos gelang es einem Piloten in Kalifornien, seine Piper auf einem Freeway aufzusetzen.

Isländische Billigairline: Wow Air streicht Verbindungen in die USA
St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, New York JFK und Dallas: Wow Air baut USA-Strecken ab. Die isländische Billigfluggesellschaft will dafür andere Ziele stärken.

Treuer Boeing-Kunde: Xiamen Airlines flirtet mit Airbus
Bisher besitzt die chinesische Fluggesellschaft nur Jets von Boeing. Das könnte sich ändern. Airbus verhandelt mit Xiamen Airlines.

Zertifizierung des Regional Jet: Bombardier verklagt Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi warb Bombardier einige Experten ab. Die Kanadier werfen den Japanern nun vor, so an Unternehmensgeheimnisse gekommen zu sein.

News from Aviation Week

Selected U.S. Military Contracts For The Week Of Oct. 15-19, 2018

The Boeing Co., Layton, Utah, has been awarded a $55,567,613 undefinitized, firm-price incentive-fee contract, for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Cryptography Upgrade Increment II production.

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The Week Ahead In Aerospace & Defense

Tuesday in Washington the National Space Council will hold its next meeting, this one focusing on the establishment of a Space Force.

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SpeedNews Defense & Space

AUSTRALIA took delivery of its tenth F-35A at Luke Air Force Base, AZ, last week.

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Airport Profile — Milwaukee General Mitchell International (MKE)

View the Airport Profile — Milwaukee General Mitchell International (MKE) chart in PDF format.

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Opinion: Why Customer Service Is An Aerospace Pain Point

Aerospace OEMs need to look beyond shareholders.

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Opinion: A&D Suppliers Smile In Face Of Adversity

And sound financials are just part of the reason
The list of things that can go wrong for the aerospace and defense sector seems only to be growing. But to suppliers, happy days are here again.

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New Missiles and Sensors Extend Reach Of Chinese Airpower

Following decades of steady investment China’s air force seeks to "go out."

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